How To Take Care of Pet Dogs In The Summer

You would always want the best for your pet. Why would it not be? Aside from the fact that they are your responsibility, they are your constant companions and with just one look and cuddle from them, your stress will be relieved.

But because their body temperature is warmer, dogs will react differently to the heat. Because of that, as you enjoy your summer days with them, you will need to also watch them out more closely.

So, here the things you should keep in mind for your dog as summer goes on:

1. Never Leave Them in the Car

As said before, a dog’s body temperature is warmer. Cars easily warmed especially during the heat. Because of that, it is a big no to leave them in the car. It will only take them minutes to be overheated that will lead to heatstroke or suffocation. Always have them with you when you leave the car or just let them stay in your home.

2. Keep Them Hydrated

For us humans, it is important and advisable to always drink water. That is also the same for dogs especially that heat will easily exhaust them and thirst them. For that matter, they need to always have something to drink around to avoid dehydration and make sure that you provide that. You can add it also in their meals to make sure they are hydrated. Give them also ice cubes for they love a good frozen treat. 

3. Watch Out for Fleas and Ticks

Other factors to look upon are fleas and ticks. These insects love the warm weather. Because of that, make sure to always check if your dog has caught it. It is also important to look out in their beddings and even your furniture. Make sure to know about prevention, because they might also catch other parasites that will also affect you.

4. Grooming

This is especially for dogs with long fur. It should be clipped or trimmed or else it will just make them hotter. It is also more prone to parasites. It is advisable to not totally shave it though. That is because dogs also tend to get sunburn and their fur can protect them from it. Also, it can be extra protection from the heat.

5. Cool Them Down

There are many ways to have your dog cool dog. Just like humans, water will help, so you can set up a kiddy pool for them in your yard or just simply turn on your sprinklers. You can also bathe them with a hose. Make sure to have them in shades to and to not have too much exposure from the sun. This also concerns their beddings. You will need to have it cooled down by removing items that will add heat. Just like humans, they would also love to have frozen treats. It can be ice cubes and even some ice pops which are ice cubes with some fruits or treats. This will also help to keep them hydrated.